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  • Colorado Hand Built Grassroot Program

    Help us start building our Carbon Clincher Race Wheels in Colorado by Pre-Ordering today.

  • Carbon Clincher Race Wheels

    Hand built to perfection. A balance of strength, weight, & value.

  • Ultimate All-In-One Training/Race Wheel

    Durable enough for everyday riding and fast enough for any race.

Carbon Six 60 Rim

What is This Grassroot Program?

You can personally help us bring Hand Built Carbon Clinchers here to Colorado by Pre-ordering in our Risk presale program to buy the new C6 wheels.

The Colorado Hand-built Wheel Program is a unique pre-order process that will allow us to manufacturer our new rims and gauge interest without taking traditional credit methods and taking a huge financial risk. What this means is you can buy one of our new wheel sets or swag at our special pre-order price and pay once we actually start producing them. We will not collect any money until the we start manufacturing them in 30-60 days.

With a traditional pre-order we would take your money and hold on to it. Possible delays or set backs arise - or worse not enough are pre-sold to make it viable. But that is just one half of the Risk Free Guarantee - we are also going to offer 30 day money back trial period for the wheels. So after you receive the wheels you can ride them for 30 days and if you don't like them for any reason we will give you a full refund.

We are also offering some our wearable swag on a pre-order basis as amounts for those of you that might not be ready or on the fence about buying a Carbon Six wheel. Starting at only $5 we are offering our promotional items and gear along with coupon codes from $50-$500 off our wheels to be used after our Grassroot program ends and we begin stocking our new wheels.

Carbon Six Hubs

Carbon Six 40 & 60 Design Process

We've learned a lot about what makes a wheel great. Strength and reliability balanced carefully with weight and performance. Along the way we also discovered where and how the wheels are built is just as important to cyclist. So for 2014 we are bringing the wheel building process home to Colorado and partnering with new industry leading manufacturers.

The launch of our new line of wheels started with quality. We researched hundreds of designs with various layups carbon weaves and resign options looking for the perfect balance of strength, durability, weight, stiffness, and performance. With classic toroidal shape in 60mm and 38mm depths we settled on 21mm width x 38mm height and 21.3mm width x 60mm height.

As much as we liked the trend towards wide rimes at 23-25mm we found fitting issues on some newer bike models, lots of TT models, and many aftermarket brake calipers.

Our Pre-Order Packages

Packages For $1,300.00

Limit of 15 — 13 remaining

Carbon Six 40 Wheel Set. Pre-sale price of $1,300 and you'll be one of the first to receive the new 2015 Hand Built in Colorado Carbon Six 40 Wheels.

Packages For $1,400.00

Limit of 15 — 14 remaining

Carbon Six 60 Wheel Set. Pre-sale price of $1,400 and you'll be one of the first to receive the new 2015 Hand Built in Colorado Carbon Six 60 Wheels.

Packages For $10,000.00

Limit of 2 — 2 remaining

Carbon Six Team Set. Pre-sale price of $10,000 10 sets of the new Hand Built in Colorado Carbon Six 60 or 40 Wheelsets. An $8000 savings over the retail price.

Carbon Six 60 Rim

What We’re About

Being a small Colorado based business we've got our priorities focused on Colorado. We ride and race these Colorado roads, shop local bike shops, refuel at local coffee shops, and pay a lot of local taxes. Our founding partner Ryan has the Colorado Flag tattooed on his arm. We really love Colorado and want to eventually bring the entire manufacturing process & industry here someday. But for now we are focusing on building them by the hands of experienced wheel builders that are passionate about cycling and racing right here in Colorado is our first step.

We've spent the last year researching, developing, and testing and are now almost ready to go into production. The molds waiting to have layer upon glorious layer of carbon fiber laid into them, but we need to be sure we can fund this part of the process first.

As we wait our glorious new molds to produce some of the finest carbon rims ever, we are celebrating with our Grassroots Program. This unique pre-sale approach allows us to garuentee capital to manufacturer our new rims and gauge interest without the hassle.

To help jump start the new wheels and secure our place in the factory we are going the Pre-Sale route. In exchange for stepping up to the plate and ordering early the first 20 wheels are being sold at $600 off and are coming with some special wearable swag.

Carbon Six Updates

Carbon for the Common Man

Here at Carbon Six our goal is to bring quality carbon fiber wheels and components at affordable prices. With outstanding customer service, excellent crash replacement plan, and a comprehensive warranty our wheels offer the best PPS (Price Per Second). We are working hard with manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, and China to source the highest quality […]

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Carbon Six 2014

New and exciting things are coming soon from C6 Cycling. We’ve been working hard to improve our wheels and bring more value to Carbon Six Wheels. There will be a formal announcement soon with more details, but we are excited to share a little about the improvements and changes coming to C6cycling. C6′s Carbon Six […]

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Winning Streak on Carbon Six 40s

I put the Carbon6 40mm demo wheelset in the dropouts of my Tarmac to demo and within 2hrs I knew they were the best carbon clincher wheels at their price point. During my ride I noticed the responsiveness of the 1500 gram carbon clincher wheelset. The wheels tracked exactly where my eyes led them and […]

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Get in on the early bird deal and buy the Carbon Six 40 or 60 today.